Climate Income Technical Workshop

Climate Income Technical Workshop

As United Nations Climate Change talks resume this month, through virtual informal meetings, there is rising momentum for a global commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, or sooner. At the same time, the currently projected national investment and action, in almost every country, falls short of the early action needed to achieve that target, while limiting global heating to 1.5ºC or lower.

Even as the climate and biodiversity crises deepen, and the call to shift all mainstream investment onto Nature-positive pathways intensifies, we are set to invest unprecedented sums of public capital in the delicate, high-stakes project of recovery from the COVID economic disruption. If these investments leave behind economies not designed to meet climate targets or foster inclusive sustainable development, science-aligned decarbonization goals, and the SDGs, could be put out of reach. Every nation needs an economically efficient, environmentally effective, fair and inclusive strategy for pricing pollution and speeding its climate transition.

In this Technical Workshop, we will examine Climate Income Systems as a way to price carbon, put climate-smart money in people’s pockets, and incentivize a green recovery, while accelerating decarbonization.

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Event details

  • Tuesday, June 8, 2021
  • Start: 14:00 UTC (10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CET / 19:30 IST)
  • End: 15:30 UTC (11:30 EDT / 16:30 BST / 17:30 CET / 21:00 IST)
  • Workshop hosted by Cleantech 21 and Citizens’ Climate International
  • An ICIA event, in collaboration with the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition


Introduction to Climate Income Systems – 20 min

Global Status Update – 15 min

  • Canada’s Supreme Court upholding the policy as constitutional
  • The European Parliament voting to move forward with border adjustments
  • A new fee and dividend bill introduced in the US House of Representatives
  • Citizen advocates across Africa urging governments to implement climate income policies as a way to enhance their NDCs and support more inclusive economic recovery and sustainable development.

Discussion of Policy Aims and Benefits – 25 min

  • Accelerating the Race to Zero
  • Raising incomes and COVID recovery
  • NDC Upgrading – policy specifics / toolbox of supporting actions
  • Q&A

Breakouts on Contextual Application – 20 min

  • Facilitated small-group discussion
  • Sharing of context / constraints / goals
  • Backcasting from Net-zero – what happens when

Reporting back and closing – 10 min

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